Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Buy equipment to cook, especially rice cooker takes care and consideration so that you can save your money. Obviously a lot of considerations that may be found and here are some guidelines you can use when going to buy a stainless steel rice cooker.

1. One function or multi function

Modern rice cookers have a lot of additional functions such as steam feature that can be used to steam vegetables, eggs and others. If you only need the function of cooking rice, a regular rice cooker is suitable for you. But consider again that the multi-function rice cooker; you'll save money and room to buy equipment steam.

2. Material maker

Most rice cookers made of aluminum or stainless steel, but most rice cookers today are already using stainless steel. Use of this material will make the process easier to cook and clean. In addition, stainless steel rice cookers do not cause odor and produce the same flavor rice with a rice cooker aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal that does not have the durability and useful life, such as stainless steel.

However, aluminum has better conductor properties than stainless. There are some stainless steel rice cooker products which have an aluminum layer on the bottom to maximize heat distribution.

3. Security feature

A rice cooker of course must have a security feature that it is safe to use. Here are some features that deserve your attention:
  • Handles on both sides: It is useful to ease when you move the rice cooker if there is a necessity.
  • Heat sensors: on modern rice cookers, this feature is already available. This feature allows you to keep the rice can be cooked with the right heat.
Rice cooker older models do not have enough security facility, so if you still have one, better if you replace them with new models.

4. Available accessories 

A rice cooker will come with additional accessories to complement the product itself. In some famous brands, accessories provided fairly complete, although not all the accessories you use.
  • Measuring tools: measuring tool is usually shaped like a bowl. Every cook rice cookers have different capacities so that the tools necessary measures to be used in order not to exceed the recommended capacity.
  • Rice scoop: A good rice scoop made from non-stick making it easier for you when it will take rice.
  • Recipe Book: Can be used as a guideline for new type of cooking food.
  • Manual Instructions: For those of you who've been using a rice cooker you may not need it. For the layman, this book is helping with in maximizing all existing features on a rice cooker.
Recipe book and user manual can be obtained from the manufacturer website if you do not get it when purchasing.

5. Capacity and Size

For an ordinary family size, the capacity of 6 liters was enough. If you are planning to open a catering business, you should choose a larger capacity. The greater the capacity, the greater the power required.

6. The last thing you should consider is the product warranty. Famous product has a clear guarantee and if there are defective products, you can take care of easily and quickly. Most rice cookers have one or two year warranty.

Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Buying Guide

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